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TELL CHANGE features a new micro-documentary every month. Here’s the latest:

Nick Badgio: Neckbeard – April 2015

Once upon a time, Nick Badgio opened for one of the most overrated country bands of all time, before they were unfairly famous. But which band? Watch now to find out!

A new format is being developed for It’s a return to the quiet, personal anecdotes (and stylized black and white, natch) that started my documentary career. Nick and I grab coffee at Krankies airstream a couple of times a week, and one day, I just thought I’d take a camera along and film what happened. I’m calling these “TELL CHANGE TALL TALES”, and I hope to do more.

Feedback is a must for this one. I want to further develop this format and make these everyday stories as interesting as I can. What are your thoughts? What do you hate? Let me know!

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